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Patient Story

Mr. Babhubhai Joshi a case of Bil. Below Knee Amputee, lost his both leg by Railway Accident. He has been fitted with hi-tech artificial limbs and rehabilitated over here, now he walks without support and walks 4 Kms. Daily in Nalasopara, Mumbai.Gradually he has discontinued the elbow crutch"
Mr. Sureshbhai Jesani a case of Transverse Myelitis from Nairobi, Kenya, underwent regular rehabilitation, when he came here he is unable to move his both legs and unable to sit without support. Now after 3 months therapy, he is able to walk without support and he is totally independent in his daily living activities. "
Miss Ramilaben Devabhai a case of Amelia (Absence of both the Lower limbs below pelvis) she has been given hip disarticulation prosthesis devices by using the best combining technology of the wolrd i.e. Indian technology, High-tech technology & others. She started walking with walker, then she is shifted to walk with axillary crutches & also able to climb stairs independently. She expressed her thanks to Trustees, Director, Donors, Doctors & all staff of Jaya Rehabilitation center. She has been awarded with Smt. Nandini P. Divatia Rural Rehabilitation awards for disabled on 16th March, 2010 from hands of Governor of Gujarat on recommendation of Jaya Rehab Center."

" Adaptation & activities of daily living training of Quadriplegic patient Mr. Bhaskar Chande"
  Mr. Balubhai Rabari

Back in action again after 10 days of Rehabilitation

Mr. Balubhai Rabari, from Anjar, Kutch lost his both legs above knee in a road traffic accident before 2 years. He came to Jaya rehab in camp specially conducted for amputee patients by Dr Mukesh Doshi and Dr Virendra Shandilya. He was provided hi-tech above knee prosthesis (artificial limb) at our Jaya rehabilitation Institute & Research Center.

He has been trained for use of artificial limb and walking training for along with 10 days intensive rehabilitation.
  New Hope at Jaya Rehabilitation for Young girl after six years

In August 2008 Miss Chandrikaben Dineshbhai Savla, 18 yr old girl, fell down from the bed & got injury over back later on she developed spine T.B. She was become paraplegic. She was treated for Spine T.B. at Bombay Hospital. Her parents continued her exercises at her home.

She came to Jaya Rehabilitation institute & Research Centre on 21st May, 2013. She had difficulty in walking with the walker as her left knee is not properly stabilized. After underwent one & half month complete rehabilitation training now she can walk with single stick in indoor environment. Her parents are quite satisfied & very thankful to Bidada Sarvodaya Trust & its staff.



Ms Khyati lives her life

Miss Khyati Vaghela, 13 year/ female from Ahmadabad is a case of cerebral palsy. She is having deformity in both legs since birth. She started physiotherapy treatment at the age of 6 months. Because deformed legs she was totally dependent on her mother for daily living activity.

Before six month her parents brought her at Jaya Rehab Centre. That time we assess her thoroughly. She was not able to stand without support and was unable to walk, so we advised her to go for surgery. After surgery in September 13 again she came to Jaya Rehab Centre on the month of Oct 13 for rehabilitation.

Now after 3 months of intensive treatment (physio and occupational) she is able to walk with elbow crutches (walking sticks), able to stand with minimal support & able to do her daily living activity independently.



  Mr Dilip Rathod’s Artificial Hand

Mr Dilip Rathod, from Bhachau, got crush injury to left upper extremity when he gone to stop the water wheel of water tank in the year of 2001 that time his age was 8 years. He lost his entire Left Upper Extremity from shoulder root. Immediately he was operated & fitted Shoulder Disarticulation prosthesis (artificial limb) at Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust Sanchalit Jaya Rehabilitation Institute & Research Centre.

AS he was of growing age repeated changing of the prosthesis was needed for him. Repeated changing of prosthesis as per his Right Upper Extremity length & Diameter has been done at the Jaya Rehabilitation Institute & Research Centre.

Today he is 21 years old.

We have provided light weight prosthesis (1.2 kg) as he feels previous prosthesis was heavy weighted. This prosthesis given him the feeling of the normal hand and comfortable.

The prosthesis has been ready within 12 hours of time as patient travel from Bhachau & it’s given free of Cost to patient.

He continued his study in normal school without any kind of difficulties & now he is studying in B.A.

“Mr Dilip Rathod & his family are very thankful to Mr. Mukesh doshi, Director Chairman Mr Bachubhai Rambhia and team of Jaya Rehabilitation Institute &Research Centre, Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust for their humanitarian.


  Master Neev P Dalsaniya

Master Neev Rupeshbhai Dalsaniya from Villege Telangana Near Upleta (Saurastra) is case of Cerebral Palsy. Due to High Fever at age of 1month he got haemorrhage in brain. He was not able to sit, stand, &Walk .he was also mild mentally Retardation and he is also have Learning Disability.

He has joined Our Jaya Rehabilitation Institute and Research Center since, January 2013.still he is continuing Treatment.

He has been given Physiotherapy, occupational Therapy, Sensory integration Therapy, cognitive& play Therapy, speech Therapy and prosthetic and orthotics Management.
Now is able to walk independently with walker and orthosis (assistive device), He doing his some of daily activity progressively independent..

They are Happy about Master Neev Rupeshbhai Dalsaniya’s Improvement.

Parents Master Neev Rupeshbhai Dalsaniya of are very thankful to Mr. Mukesh doshi, Director Chairman Mr Bachubhai Rambhia and team of Jaya Rehabilitation Institute &Research Centre, Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust for their humanitarian service


  Master Dhruv Joined normal school after Rehabilitation

Master Ramesh nilesh shiyani (Dhruv) is a case of cerebral palsy, due to did not cry immediately after birth loss of oxygen to brain. He belongs to a village near by Porbander, Gujarat.

He joined our Jaya Rehabilitation Institute &Research Center at the age of 2 years. He was not able to even sit that time.

After intensive physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, cognitive and play therapy for 2 years he started sitting independently, standing independently and now walks independently. He is going to normal school at Delhi.

It is a great success of Jaya rehab team.

  Stroke Patient Back To Normal Life in Short Period

Mrs. Mariyamben is a case of left hemiparesis. She had a stroke before a month. She came to Jaya Rehab Centre before 25 days. At the time of arrival she came on stretcher with Ryles tube and catheter and supported by three people. She had complete paralysis of one side of body. She was completely dependent for daily living activities. she was not able to sit, stand and walk independently. She had difficulty in eating. She was under Ryle’s tube feeding.
She has undergone extensive and comprehensive rehabilitation at our centre for 25 days. She has been given Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Functional Training, Hand Function Training Balance and gait training.

Now she is able to sit, stand and walk independently. Ryle’s tube and catheter is removed. She is independently doing all of her daily living activities without any assistance. She is very happy that she back to her normal life. She is very thankful to Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust, Mr. Mukesh Doshi, Director of Jaya Rehabilitation Institute and Research Centre and his team for care and support throughout her gloomy days.