About us

On January 26th, 2001, a 7.8 Richter earthquake devastated this already challenged region, causing mass destruction, and over 20,000 fatalities. There were no rehabilitation facilities. Tents were set up and hundreds of patients a day were treated by P.T’s, O.T.’s, and Prosthestist that came from all over India. After the initial wave of disaster relief, word of the patients’ successes with rehabilitation spread, patient starting showing up at the tents from far away to receive therapy for many disabilities. The managing trust then understood the need for a permanent Rehabilitation facility. In 2004 construction finished for a 20 bed inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation hospital. On the 10-year anniversary of the earthquake, in 2011, Jaya Rehabilitation Institute and Research Center added an additional floor. This facility is now a 50 bed inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation hospital treating almost 40,000 patients annually. Under the rubble of a massive earthquake a diamond was formed.