About us

National award-2012 winner Institute Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust Sanchalit Jaya rehabilitation institute and research center is working since last 18 years for the empowerment of person with disability.

On 26 january, 2001 massive earthquake hit the region of Kutch, which left behind debris and disability. At that time thousand of people have lost their extremities and hundreds of people become paraplegic. In front of all there was a challenge of physical rehabilitation of the person with disability. Shree Bidada Savodaya trust has accepted this challenge & under the guidance of Jaya Rehab honorary Director Mr. Mukesh Doshi & Associate Director Mr. Veerendra Shandilya the temporary Rehabilitation Center started for the physical Rehabilitation of the earthquake victims.

In 2003, Jaya rehab center has record of highest paraplegic under one roof for care giver training program. which has placed a record on Limca book of records 2003, page-40.

In 2004 , for the continuous Rehabilitation of the earth quake victim the permanent Jaya Rehabilitation Institute & Research Center established which include Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Prosthetic & Orthotic Department, Speech & audiology department as well as the vocational training. "Till date the earth quake victims are getting rehabilitation free of cost". After earthquake the industrial development has increased, the population of the Kutch, Road traffic accident as well as the industrial accidents increased. The Jaya Rehabilitation center has established the first floor which will provide extra facility to people to get admission at the Jaya rehabilitation center in 2009 to accommodate more number of people for the physical rehabilitation.

In 2013-14, Jaya Rehab has established the ADL & functional training department to make the person with disability independent in their Activities of Daily Living. And also started the cognitive & plays therapy as well as sensory integration department for the cognitive & sensory development of children with disability. 2018: Number of children came to Jaya rehab with foot problem which in future can affect whole posture of the children and amputation due to diabetic ulcer over foot increased day by day for that reason Jaya rehab started the foot care unit in 2018 for early detection & prevention of the foot problem in child to old age people 2019: Persons with disability are finding difficulty in using public utility services for their transportation for the school, offices as well as other house hold & social work. Jaya Rehab team decided to develop the public utility service training department which inaugurated in January 2019 for the social development of the persons with difficulty.

Jaya Rehab is not only serving the human being but also the animals & birds who are unable to express themselves. Jaya Rehab center also made a prosthesis & orthosis for Cows, Camel. Peacock & other animals. Limca Book of records 2005, page- 234 for animal welfare of paraplegic dog.

Jaya Rehab honorary director Mr. Mukesh Doshi & honorary Associate director Mr. Virender Shandilya always working hard for the continuous development of the Jaya Rehab for the benefits of the society. Jaya Rehab center is also thankful to Shree Jaya Arvind Shah for the continuous financial support to give enough flow to Jaya rehab to grow like big giant banyan tree.

Jaya Rehab center is also thankful all trustees, donors & staff of Shree Bidada Sarvodya Trust for their direct or indirect support to Jaya Rehab.