Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a discipline that aims to promote health by enabling people to perform meaningful and purposeful activities. Occupational therapists work with individuals to develop, recover, and maintain clients' activities of daily living. The goal of occupational therapy is to help clients have independent, productive, and satisfying lives. An Occupational Therapist is a health professional with at least a 4-year college degree that specializes in evaluation and treatment of various diagnoses that limit functional independence.

They play a vital role in addressing the needs of adults with cognitive impairments that impact self care and community living skills. Addressing deficits in functional cognition that enable individuals to participate more fully in self care , work, leisure, and community activities enhances quality of life while reducing the burden on caregivers and societal resources.

An Occupational Therapist will evaluate:
* Activities of Daily living (such as bathing, dressing, and eating)
* Mobility in the bed, and transfers.
* Motor planning and muscle coordination.
* Range of Motion.
* Skin and/or wound condition.
* Balance.
* Adaptive equipment needs.
* Functional postures and body mechanics.
* Sensory integration.

Your Occupational Therapist will develop a unique, individual treatment program that may include:
* Range of motion exercises
* Strengthening exercises
* Exercises, massage and or use of modalities to decrease pain and swelling
* Splinting to support your injury
* Wound and skin care
* Workstation assessment/ job site evaluations
* Sensory re-integration
* Education & Re-education

Finally, your participation in your treatment will bring about the best result.
The Duration of Occupational Therapy is 15 days to 3 month.