Functional Training Dept

Functional training can be done by an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist. It is a part of rehabilitation technique.

Core training or strengthening may also be part of functional training since strong core muscles are critical to good posture and mobility.

Functional training is meant to improve the activities of daily living (referred as ADL). ADL can range from personal care activities, like showering or dressing, to house keeping or home maintenance activities, like cleaning, putting dishes away, to activities you need to do for work. ADL varies “person to person”. While everyone has to do some of the basic things, like getting out of bed and getting dressed, most of us having our own routines and responsibilities.

Functional training is different for everyone. When your physical or occupational therapist is developing your functional training plan, he or she will consider the injury or condition and your strengths. Your therapist will develop an exercise routine for you to address each challenge with the goal of making it easier for you to perform the activities you want to and need to perform.

Functional training can also be part of sports rehabilitation, balance training, general orthopedic rehabilitation.

How functional training can improve your life?
Functional training is a type of rehabilitation. We train you to do exercises that are similar to the movements you need to do each day at home and at work. So, if you work in landscaping, functional training would focus on helping you strengthen your core muscles, legs, and back and showing you how to move safely during work.

If you do office work and spend a lot time typing, and you have a wrist injury, functional training might focus on strengthening your wrists and teaching you proper positioning and posture. We also discuss about ergonomics and how you can use devices to help you keep your hands and body in a healthy position while you work.

Our goal is to improve your health and to rehabilitate your injury so you can quickly get back to all the activities you need to perform.