Exercise therapy

Exercise therapy is the main key in the branch of physiotherapy. Physical therapy, a typical focus of rehabilitation, involves exercising and manipulating the body. It can improve joint and muscle function, helping people stand, balance, walk, and climb stairs better.

Exercise for the following conditions
• Neurological conditions like paralysis, spinal cord injury ,parkinsonism and other neurological conditions
• Orthopedic conditions like post fracture exercise, arthritic condition, post surgical treatment i.e,THR,TKR,ORIF in various conditions
• Geriatrics conditions
• miscellaneous

Techniques include
• Range-of-motion exercises
• Muscle-strengthening exercises
• Coordination and balance exercises
• Ambulation (walking) exercises
• General conditioning exercises
• Transfer training
• Use of a tilt table

Exercise therapy department of Jaya rehabilitation center and research institute is well equipped with all the facility required for it.